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CondeNast And Other Short-Sighted Shutdowns

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Following the recent major announcement from CondeNast that it is shutting down four publications, including the venerable, seven-decade-old Gourmet, FishbowlNY, which is part of the family, asked for my perspective on what this means for CondeNast and the rest of the media industry.

I was obviously disappointed that yet another major media company had decided to shut down yet another prominent, well-read and influential publication without trying to fully re-imagine it for the medium that digital broadband makes possible. I have discussed before on this blog my wish for some major publisher actually to have the guts to reinvent their title for the new media world, and they will. For whatever reason, it seems no one yet sees the opportunity.

Here is what I had to say on FishbowlNY about the recent CondeNast news:

Folding Gourmet, a magazine with over six decades of a strong readership, is the ultimate proof that the management of Condé Nast is short-sighted when it comes to understanding the opportunities that exist within the digital publishing landscape. They are not alone. But this is truly a sad day for magazines. I have this to say to all print publishers: Don’t kill off another publication! A brand is a terrible thing to waste….

You can read further perspective from other media experts on the FishbowlNY piece here.

Check out this link for my memo from a media company that I’m waiting to read.

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Written by Jim Gaines

October 8, 2009 at 1:15 pm